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Thread: Smallest Motor

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    Smallest Motor

    Does anyone know where I can find a small motor that would be able to move a 7" lcd up and down, like not up and down, but tilt up and down. I was looking for a motor possibly the size of the circumference of a AA battery, and 2 cm long, that's all the room I have for one. Thanks.
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    i'd use a servo as you can leave it turned on and then it will hold it up.

    Look for a ballraced metal gear servo with alots or torque. Landing gear servos are normally pretty good and you can alsways use two if you get two identical ones. To stop them fighting each other you could also wire the position encoder from one to both servos (reversed on one if you have them facing each other). this will mean they both report the same position but you could eaqually jsut use trimming pots in the control circuit. I posted some simple servo control circuits somewhere and bugbyte has a flip up monitor he controls with a stamp. (my circuits are cheaper and require no programming which i how i like em!)

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    Yea they have micro servos that are pretty small.
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    try a hobby shop for some small RC servos. shouldnt cost you more than 30-40 bucks each servo


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    servos are ideal for automating stuff, most have 3kg torque, and you can mod them for contunous rotation if you need to.

    If there is any concern you may strip the gears then get a better servo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WebDog
    Yea they have micro servos that are pretty small.
    micro servos have **** all torque mate. They are designed for speed to actuate control surfaces.

    Best go with a nice beefy undercarriage servo.

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