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Thread: Car Start on Finger-Print Recognition?

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterthomas
    look what i found...fingerprint to start cars..

    Looks real..
    what do u guys say?
    PRetty cool. It appears to be a remote start and/or keyless entry that uses a fingerprint reader instead of the traditional remote on a keychain. Their mounts are pretty ugly, though.
    It also doesn't have a full-fledged PC that's on all the time sucking your battery down to the point of inoperability.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    It sounds cool but after working with biometrics in a hospital primarily for medication security, there is no way I would use biometrics to secure anything I wanted to reliably access. I'm sure there are overrides, but the failure rate of the hardware (the biometric reader) is horrendously high.

    It's great when it works but a PITA when it does not!

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    the new lexus ls400 has fingerprint recognition, but i think it only unlocks the car.
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    I was thinking of that option in a program but living in jersey, all that is, is for looks. theives are so advanced these days it's crazy. A friend of mine heard his car alarm go off, click the button thinkin it was a false alarm. Thing went off again, and when he looked, they started his car, took the battery out while it was running, with the alarm, and left the battery and the alarm where his car was parked.

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    I've been using fingerprint recognition to turn on my audio system in my car for about a year now. I've been testing a prototype keyfob unit which should be on general release sometime early this year and the recognition rate is pretty much 100%. I've been trying to think about how I could hack into the CANBUS on my Audi, so that I could use it to unlock my doors, and unset the alarm/immobiliser (the latter of these being the hardest to perform of course). The ignition linking for fingerprint starting would be pretty straightforward too, but you'd need some kind of pushbutton or something of that ilk to turn the engine off again.
    I have to say, in the last year or so, the technology has moved forward pretty fast, and the reliability, from what I have experienced, is pretty much spot on. The company that I am doing the test for is an outfit based in Austalia -, and they seem to be the market leaders in this field. Nice bunch of guys to deal with too..


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    Using a keyfob is a much safer way, i would think. I installed a couple of those in buildings. they're easily programmable.

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