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Thread: My new PUTER for Bikes!

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    My new PUTER for Bikes!

    Newbie here...just thought I would show what I've done so far:

    Here was the GOAL:

    The idea was to put a fully operational High Speed Internet capable PC on a Bike or Car/Truck/ATV etc...WHY?

    (SHOWN on my 2003 Honda VTX 1800C custom cruiser)
    I am a Network Operations Manager for 17yrs and am on a LEASH even while on vacation so I built this system so I can remote control my Servers and other equipment from the Grand Canyon on my BIKE!
    1.) MOBILE GPS (on a screen that you can actually SEE)
    2.) MP3's (Music will be heard through the mounted Speakers attached to the Hondaline windshield brackets shown in the pics; OR if you mount it into your CAR you can hear it through your Car Stereo!).
    3.) VOIP TELEPHONE CALLS (HANDS FREE!) & Played / heard over your Cars built in STEREO system!!! (or in MY case my BIKE's speakers!)
    4.) LIVE Weather & Traffic reports
    5.) LIVE INTERNET radio
    6.) Online PCIII (Air/Fuel management like on that movie "The Fast and the Furious" ) map changes while riding
    7.) Emails from anywhere
    8.) Remote access to Corp. Network via VPN for remote control of PC's/ Servers
    9.) VOICE CONTROL over most of the functions
    10.) CamCorder Video Movies of trips you take then recorded onto the Hard disk and transmitted via internet to FTP server
    11.) REARVIEW CAM You can use this system to mount a Webcam to the back of your Vehicle so you can SEE LIVE what you are about to back into while reversing!
    12.) Parents, you can keep track of your wandering Teenager's whereabouts by checking the LOGS (shows WHERE they been, How long, and how FAST they were going!!!)
    13.) DVD movie player
    14.) XBOX LIVE! / PS2 / GameCube can be played too!

    This system is truly MOBILE and can be transported from your BIKE to your CAR/RV/SKIMOBILE/SEMI-TRUCK/Limosine etc., in less than 5 minutes via quick-release modular system.

    Here are few photos of the prototype showing the capabilities of the system:

    This pic shows the wiring harness which connects the system to the Bike and allows POWER/VOICE/Touch Screen/MIC/etc (and YES its all RELAYED and switched on the left side handlebars there is a switch box with all the switches) they control the PC/Speaker amps and fog lights/LED engine lights.

    Here is a pic showing the Windows XP desktop:

    Here is a Pic of it mounted on my BIKE: I can use an MP3 player (amplified through the ON-Board gutted Harley Davidson foglamp enclosures and stuffed with an AMP and Waterproof speakers!) or I can use my Laptop in the saddlebags (over 20GB worth of tunes!)

    Standard BOOT screen when system comes up and VOICE control is activated:Note thes screen is a TOUCH PANEL but you need only SPEAK commands!

    Front View:

    Side View:

    The GPS can ZOOM in/out PAN up/down/left/right and you can create routes on the fly! It can show Gas stations/distance till empty/ restaraunts / hotels etc!

    Wireless High Speed (144k-1.54mbps) Internet Access

    Shock Mounting system for a Motorcycle was NOT easy to develop...Harmonic vibrations/ potholes must be dealt with! So after much testing Visco Elastic Memory Foam was chosen! In addition to this I used GAS shocks from a RC TRUCK for pothole management!

    Custom Mounting system finally developed and proven successful!: A LAPTOP is the heart of the system! Heat becomes a factor inside the SEALED bags so I use a USB fan to blow the hot air out of the bags!

    Custom Stainless Steel Enclosure with Water proof plexiglass screen protection (plexiglass not shown!)

    This system is VOICE CONTROLLED and actually works at 80+mph on the back of an 1800CC LOUD as hell bike (can you imagine a more acoustically challenged environment??) I played hell to get this to work but finally did it!

    Please let me know what you think?


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    nice install but I thought motorcycles were dangerous enough already!

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    THEY ARE!!

    And you thought that riding behind a cage with the pilot on a cell phone was dangerous??

    Actually I dont have to leave the handlebars because its all completely VOICE CONTROLLED!


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    wouldnt the wind interfer with the voice recognition?

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    Read his post about how well it works even with the wind?
    Quote Originally Posted by jdchgo
    This system is VOICE CONTROLLED and actually works at 80+mph on the back of an 1800CC LOUD as hell bike (can you imagine a more acoustically challenged environment??)
    AMD XP 2600+/512MB RAM/120GB hard drive
    Opus 150W/DVD/GPS/7" Lilliput TS/802.11g/Bluetooth

    -GPSSecure- - GPS Tracking
    -AltTabber2.2.2- - Handy touchscreen utility.

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    NOPE! not with a military THROAT doesnt use air to transmit uses vibrations from your throat! That was the hardest part to get to work. This also works in your CAR when you are blasting the tunes!


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    Props! That is a REALLY unique install. Well done!
    Quote Originally Posted by ghettocruzer View Post
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
    Want to:
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    1999 Plymouth Voyager (That's right, big-pimpin' in a minivan.)
    PC built into console
    worklog with pics:

    Some of my music:

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanzacra
    That looks like Street Atlas 2004 or 2005... how are you creating routes "on the fly" with that software? Neat install.
    GOOD EYE! Indeed it is 2004 Delorme Street Atlas...

    I can open the "find" tab with my voice and dictate in the address to/from then I can voice control the "create route" button!

    LOOK MA....NO HANDS!!!

    I spent the last 7 months building this before I even knew it was already being done...(i.e this site and others...I thought I was being unique lol!) but I think I have an edge over most in that mine is completely VOICE CONTROLLED! Therefore it does NOT interfere with my driving...or YOURS!

    Not much I cant do with my voice! I can standby, hibernate, run most apps etc!

    Now I am working on how to WAKE IT UP using either the remote starter on my keychain or using a touchpad.

    I can quickrelease this into my EXPEDITION / BUICK in less than 5minutes and the entire system (which I will begin selling in about 5weeks commercially) for less than 3k including all the SW/HW (Includes new laptop, brackets, VoiceControl, special MIC, etc.) for the COMPLETE system...Including HS Internet access (you pay the monthly...)

    I am targetting GOLDWINGS / Semi Trucks / Limo Companies / and other commercial applications.

    A friend of mine owns a Used Car dealership and has ordered 3 complete systems: 1 for the display floor and 2 for 2 of his cars (customers have already put money down for it also a local HONDA dealer wants 2 for his showroom floor and next,,,UPS/FEDEX...?? (I wished...)


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    Checked your install....ROCKS!

    I agree with you in that it needs to look natural!!! Who wants an abortion looking PC in their car...anyone can hook up a pc to their cig lighter but making it look professional (also for resale!!!) it has to be done right!



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