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Thread: Im looking to activate a servo when an rfid is in range

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    Im looking to activate a servo when an rfid is in range

    First off this is completely non carputer related (althouh it can have car applications). I know you guys know your **** and I frankly dont know where else to bring this up

    My objective is to have a linear actuator (or the like) extend when an RFID tag comes in range and then have the actuator retract when the RFID is out of range

    The reason for this is to create an automatic locking and unlocking mechanism for my dorm room key lock door
    It may seem like overkill but it sounds cool and my memory is awful, I dont want to forget to lock my door

    Now, I have no formal electronics teaching and I havent yet learned a whole lot. I know just the very basics but certainly not enough to construct something like this myself

    Can anyone lend a helping hand and being to lead me in the right direction

    Thanks in advance

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    check out this post. Maybe BT is better. Just have your phone next to your dorm and it will be unlocked.

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