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Thread: Where to buy electrical components??

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    Quote Originally Posted by spdyscotty
    I'm just trying to figure out what the correct parts to use with the MAX724. I was hoping someone with a little more electrical background could outline what parts to use for this purpose.
    Hmmm, now as WRX was saying, you sure you want to be going with this more complicated approach? Although I think this has advantages over the linear regulators, the setup you are trying to achieve is a bit more complex. I would recommend reading up on the basic circuit setup, starting with the whole resistor/current/voltage/power/capacitor/etc stuff, which would give you a bit better of an idea of what exactly you are doing and what kind of components you are getting.
    For the components, your resistors can be either 1/4W or 1/2W, you don't need any high power resistors for this application. Then your choice will be either surface mounted or through-hole. I do not know how you are planning on making the circuit board itself, so that will be one of the factors dictating what you are getting. If you want to learn in depth about the part itself and what is going on with it, I recommend reading Appnote 44 (AN44) at linear ( Enjoy the learning
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    ok 1/4 and 1/2 watt show how much power can pass through your resistor. Basically it's liek don't use a tiny part if youre going to have gobs of electricity coming out of it.

    the 5% is the tolerance. It means you need 2.7kohms. It can be withing 5% of 2.7 kohms. down to 2.56kohms or up to 2.8kohms. If the circuit doesnt say to use a specific resistor, like "need low tolerance", generally 10% is OK to get away with.

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