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Thread: Red LED compass and/or thermo

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    Red LED compass and/or thermo

    Do you guys have any links for LED thermometers or compasses. I'd like to put one in my rear-view mirror (see thread in fabrication regarding this), but I'm looking for a red LED temperature or compass kit. I've found a good red LED voltmeter from Lascar Electronics (like those at ), but haven't found the same for a compass and thermometer. I just need something compact... I've found a few LED backlit thermometers that I can modify, but I'd like a real red LED one (not a backlit one)... Any suggestions?

    Essentially, I want to do somethign very similar to many rear-view mirrors which have green LED thermometer/compass, but it needs to be red. Thanks!!

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    Just get a new mirror from Ebay

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    I was thinking about that, but all the "power mirror" screens I've seen with thermo/compass are green LEDs, not red. In addition, they also tend to be much more expensive than most of the thermo/compass kits I've seen.

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