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Thread: Electric Window Tint

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    Quote Originally Posted by narandomsortofw View Post
    Check out this company. They have a link to some of their installations...some being cars

    I'm sure it's a bit pricey though.
    Neet, I was about to say that the maybach is not tinted black and someone needs to find a tinted version.

    But that site has tinted car windows. Someone needs to contact them and get prices.
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    This type of tint is made of liquid crystal and it comes integrated inside the glass, it can be used as displays by projecting images from a projector on it.... well check this episode of Pimp my Ride and see for your self...

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    I've been wanting this for years, ever since I was small and unable to drive.

    I forget what catalog it was but there was a glass that did this. Can't remember the thickness but it was only a 10"x10" square for a small bit of cash (< $20)

    One day I hope to have it on my car in film form.

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    This is awesome. I haven't been on the forum for many months (thanks to a very successful carputer install), and I come back on and find one of my threads is still active.

    Keep it up guys...
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    I seen this well over 10 years ago at an autoshow...

    at the time the guy said it cost over 25 grand to do that one car....

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    I would love to have a license plate cover made of Smart Glass, so if I "accidently" have to run a red light, I could flip the switch and the red-light cameras would not be able to see my license plate or send me a ticket.

    I'm going to contact some of these Smart Glass companies to see if this can be done, and how much it would cost.
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    i had this idea about 5 years ago... however I had no idea where to begin on it. pretty cool that it actually has been developed and sold. now I really want it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KaBoOoM View Post
    I'm almost 100% sure if a cop sees your car parked with over-tinted windows they still can give you a ticket.
    AFAIK a cop can give you a ticket only if they saw you OPERATING the vehicle with a illegal tint. Otherwise it doesn't make sense, as cops could crack the hood lock, open it and issue a ticket based on illegal mods under the hood

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    does spd powertint have just on and off or levels of darkness in between? if its variable im interested and might look into it, if not ill wait till it is and get normal tint-a-car f1 tint for now.

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    The "electric tint" on the market today has one major drawback. It is only designed to go from clear to opaque. The original poster's idea of using it as a security device when parked is the only feasable one, based on current technology. Once activated, you can no longer see through it.

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