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Thread: usb flash drive issues??

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    usb flash drive issues??

    ive just bought a 1gb usb flash disk thngy and i plug it into my usb unpowererd hub and it says.. this item cant operate because it needs more power.. needs 200ma my hub puts out 100 per port

    my understanding is these things will run on 100ma but the speed is limited??
    it is a usb2 device.. but once again if i plug it into a usb1 hub it should just limit the speed yes?
    i have used other ones in the same hub, but they werent as big as 1gb

    is this usb stick thing just cheap and power hungry or is it doing what its ment to do

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    i've had a similar problem when trying to connect usb keyboards and mice i've found that they just don't work unless pluged into there own port on the pc.

    I think with your situation that the smaller sized pen drives don't need as much power and so will work via a hub, but the 1gb and above use alot more power and so won't work.

    You are right that the hub being usb 1 will slow things down but that wouldn't be the reason for the drive not working.

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    i have used this usb thing on my dads 4 port unpowered hub.. so i know it should work

    i went to buy a 4 port usb2 hub 2day hoping that will fix it.. and the guy in the shop said for sure it will work.. but yet agian.. no work
    i looed in the settings.. all i have in the hub is my touchscreen and thats only using 100ma so there is a bit of power still left for it..

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    Have you tried plugging it into other ports on the hub? I know one of the ports on my home powered USB hub will power my mouse but not anything else I plug in, yet the others seem to do fine. Possibly in the current distribution within the hub?

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    interesting... i may have to give that a go..

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