Just to net you know I知 a bit of a noob with most of this stuff.

This is not going to be put in my car but I might want to some day. The reason I知 posting here is that I think people could help me more than other PC mod forums I go to. So, here is what I want:
(in order of importance)
- I want to illuminate my PC in tri-color(RGB) LEDs, I currently use cold cathodes.
- I want to be able to set the color manually with 3 knobs.
- I also want to be able to set it up to do set of sequences. For example fade between colors. I could also like some thing random change with no fade ever .5 5 seconds.
- I would also like the option to have it determine what color and their intensities by my computer sound. Using the right, left channels and the third color by the frequencies.
- Have several 奴ones like right, left then have 6 vertical zones for the sound and fading (this one is pushing it a bit)

I am thinking that I could use some sort of controller on my PC to control all of this except for the 3 knob basic color changer. Basically I just want some advice to what I should use, if it is possible and how I should go about doing this. I would really appreciate it someone could link me to what device and programming langue I should use. (I currently program in Java and PHP, thought Java probably would not work well for what I want)

I知 just looking for some guidance.