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Thread: dome light dimmer (with delay)

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    Question no delay

    Hey Kronos, what do I need to put out to remove the delay function? My car alarm does the delaying, besides I don't want to disconnect the alarm function, as it turns on and off the dome light when arming/disarming and delays 30 seconds after any door has been closed, so if the delay function of your circuit is present, the alarm will think that a door is open and I will have to configure it so it doesn't warn me that there are doors open, and doing this won't let me know if a door is really left ajar. Also, removing the delaying part of the circuit will allow me to build an easier circuit, as I'm a complete newbie with this stuff.

    So, I want the circuit to dim, not to delay. What parts do I take out?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    urgent reply

    can anny one prepare this circut and send it to me i want to fit it in my honda city zx

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