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Thread: my truck caught fire.

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    damn it I was hoping for pics of some carnage... oh well... please move along nothing to see here
    The end of the Internet offically begins here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cris
    don't be so mean!

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    c'mon wtf why are u guys being such dicks

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    Um, because this forum is for discussing the development of hardware for car pcs. A car PC is a device used in a car to provide media and possibly gps capabilities.

    Your post would be off-topic on EVERY forum here except for the Off-Topic forum.

    And besides, its your first post? wtf. Sorry about your truck though, maybe you can find some forums somewhere that have more concern.

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    you never mentioned a car pc......what does this have to do with that?
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    Oh yeah, that reminds me. Have you tried talking to a Toyota dealer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by derylo
    c'mon wtf why are u guys being such dicks
    I give you concrete advice on what you need,and I'm a dick ?!?
    I help ******* morons all day who refuse to do any of their own thinking,and I must have still been in a helping mode when I answered your question......
    Trust me,it'll never happen again.
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    remind me not to buy the same HARDWARE as this guy..

    seriously, what happened to the truck sucks.

    but it has nothing to do with hardware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evandude
    WTF? do you just go around posting your sob story to every car-related forum you can find? in what way does that relate to putting a computer in your car?
    Quote Originally Posted by TheLlama
    maybe you can find some forums somewhere that have more concern.
    Dude, all i have to say is *****y nerds... chill out, he is a fellow human being looking for some sympathy and help. If you have nothing positive or constructive to say keep it to yourself and then go debug something.

    Hey bro, I hope you get that fixed, but I doubt its just the fuse box you will be needing, id be looking into some wiring harnesses... and some other new stuff... you dont want to replace your fuse box and have it happen again. good luck bro.
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