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Thread: Renault "Tuner List" Head Unit/CD changer hacking - Controls

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    Connect an iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad to a Renault Laguna II digitally and wirelessly

    Quote Originally Posted by Vuillard View Post
    I have just implemented Michal's hack, connecting a Nokia N8 via a Fiio D5.
    In this day and age when nearly all of the functionality of a CarPC can be found in a mobile phone and you can probably now easily get a SPDIF signal out of any mobile phone that has a USB2GO port, this is potentially a great hack for anyone with an older car.
    I have today (temporarily) replaced the Nokia N8 and Fiio D5 as the sound source with an iPod Touch playing via AirPlay (a WIFI protocol) to a previous generation Airport Express, which is in turn connected via a Toslink cable to an optical to coaxial converter which is then connected to the Renault's head unit using Michal's hack described above. The Airport Express only receives 240V (i.e. mains) power so it has to have an inverter plugged into one of the car's 6V outlets. The optical to coaxial converter has its own wall wart AC to DC converter which presently I have plugged into another inverter plugged into a different 6V outlet (thank goodness the Laguna has plenty of outlets: 2 in the driver's compartment; one in the rear seat; one in the cargo bay) but if I can source an appropriate DC to DC adapter that might simplify things. I tried putting both adapters for the Airport Express and the optical to coaxial converter on a double adapter plugged into one DC to AC inverter but that somehow did not supply enough power to get the Airport Express running.

    This is kind of cool: a way both wirelessly AND digitally to connect an iPod, iPhone or iPod to an eleven year old car. However, it is not that slick. The WLAN that the Airport Express creates takes a few minutes after power on to be visible to the iPod. I have not finished testing this but it seems that I have to turn on the devices in just the right order or the s/pdif signal pops and clicks or fades in and out which I think is a symptom of the signal not locking properly. That is a problem I virtually never have with the Nokia N8 and Fiio D5 which almost always deliver clear sound

    Still for a longer trip when my wife wants to play her iPhone music it will be worth the effort.

    Incidentally, I do not think my optimism about getting a s/pdif signal out of a lot of phones was justified. Reading around the web it seems that the USBOTG (USB on the go not USB2GO as I previously called it) implementation in most Android phones does not include S/PDIF output.

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    Maybe it was already asked before, but I couldn't find it...
    For the PIC emulator schematic (post #720) the MAX232 is used for the Tx signal from the HU. Rx is going directly to the HU via the transistor circuit.
    But is it directly connected to the HU as shown in the schematic, or do you still need the RS232<->TTL converter, since the MAX232 normally has some capacitors connected to it ?

    Many thanks ;-)
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