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Thread: Motorolla 68HC11 & Wireless

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    Motorolla 68HC11 & Wireless


    I was wondering if there was a way to interface a wireless card to an hc11. I want to know this since i have a school project that involves this, and that i might want to one day use it in my vehicle.

    For the project at school we just need to transmit bytes of gps data. I am fairly knowledgable in the HC11 but have no clue on wether or not i can or cannot interface the two and know even less about how to program it.

    Im also wondering if there is a book someone could suggest on the basics of wireless and how to transmit data from one point to another....preferabbly the HC11 to a master computer

    Thanks in advance,

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    What do you mean by a "wireless card?" You mean wi-fi? If yes, then you might want to look at embedded wifi adapters like: or mini-pci or compact flash.

    Or serial like this:

    Finally, if you have the stomach for it, you can build a USB host for the 68hc11 using a cypress SL811HS USB Host adapter controller. Only a few external parts are needed to get it up and running hardware-wise.

    Come to think of it, it might be the easiest to do ethernet and use an ethernet to 802.11 bridge (like used on the XBOX)

    Of course, the hardware part is always the easy part, the software is the real PITA.

    Now if you just need a wireless point to point connection, check out for some nice wireless serial modules.


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    Sounds like RetroPlayer probably has me beat here (btw, Retro, UofM/MSU?), but another simple way is using Linx Technologies wireless ICs. On the GPS end, have a 68HC11 spewing serial data into the transmitter, then on the PC side have another 68HC11 pull data from a receiver chip, and Im sure there exists simple rs232 code so you can interface with the computer that way. We literally got these chips up and running in a couple minutes with 2 PIC microcontrollers.

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    Sweet - the Motorola 68HC11!! I love those things.

    I used one for a school project as well. Basically made a small robot, nothing in terms of transmitting data. All my work and info is here:

    Made and used an operating system that could run like 8 processes. kind of cool

    I still have all my stuff and it was by far one of my favorite classes at the time. I'll definately be keeping tabs here. Perhaps we could get something going on this level. If you find any info Ler, please post it here man.

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    Rsd212, no. I like to waste my money, so I went to ITT. Despite the fairly useless and expensive degree from there, I just landed a sweet EET job with an aerospace and defense company.

    Back to the topic - I am also most familiar with the 68HC11, however, it really is a pain to design into something since they are expensive and not readily available. I have started working with AVRs recently and am pretty sold on them. In fact, I have been working on a project with the ATMega128 and cypress sl811hs usb host controller that I mentioned above. As far as PICs - I don't know why, but I just don't "get 'em."

    But anyway, the 68HC11 is actually a great uC/uP and pretty simple to understand, just not so easy to source.


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