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Thread: HQCT Module (new thread following HU RDS/RDBS)

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    HQCT Module (new thread following HU RDS/RDBS)


    We have decided to start a new thread for the HQCT modules from Datalex and also because some of you asked for a new thread.

    I would like to use this thread for sharing time frames, PC sw source code, etc...

    Our status for the moment is that our "difficult" components are here with us and now we are waiting for the panels (PCB panels containing several module prints) to arrive. In the mean time we have had contact with an assembly company, who will assemble smd components etc.

    Our expectation is that on the end of February, first week of March the modules will be available (if the force will be with us without surprices).

    The first production batch is the "small" module but we are working hard to get the "muscle" module going.

    I will ask Diogenes to post the source code for the PC side and technical info ASAP with the hope that the software guru's out there can release their creative mind on it.

    We have decided not to sell the modules directly to the end user because this will take to much energy from us which we rather put into new projects like for instance DAB. Therefore we think that MP3CAR for the North- and South American market is the perfect partner to work with. For Europe our partner in crime will be XtroniC.
    For Asia we will come back on this.

    We have created an email address for feedback and questions on the sw and later on hardware: [email protected].
    All constructive info is welcome!


    Small one HQCT1:

    Connecting Diagrams (thx to JC-S60):


    User flyer.jpg Layout of PCB connectors.

    Example software with source code:

    There are two types of source codes, HQCT1 requires an extra dll, HQCT2 doesn't but the software isn't that developed yet. Both sources are in DELPHI. The source should speak for itself.
    Questions can be send to: [email protected].

    HQCT1 New Version.rar

    5 march 2006

    If everything continues going according plan we will get back the PCB's from the assembly company this week. This means that we have to program them and test them and send them out.

    Pin configuration (12header)

    1-Activation navigation input(12V) (gives signal to PC software to change source)
    2-Activation phone input(12V) (gives signal to PC software to change source)
    4-Right rear out
    6-Left rear out
    7-Navigation input
    9-Phone input
    10-Right Aux/CD input
    11-Signal GND for 10 and 12!!!!! not the same as 3, 5 and 8
    12-Left Aux/CD input

    = sign devides the groups

    Will be continued...

    Diogenes Q&A

    Q: Would it be possible to get suggested diagrams for how to hook these up?
    A: Certainly, working on them

    Q: Will your top end ("muscle") one be able to pass through sound card outputs via its built-in amp?
    A: All versions have an AUX input (stereo) so you can connect any sound source to it, there are also 2 mono inputs intended for GSM phone and GPS navigation sound, so the choice is yours

    Q: wow looks great. Just one question though and perhaps i'm just missing it, but what about an antenna?
    edit: ok i see it in the first picture. what kind of connector is that? i'd love it to be a standard motorolla jack
    A: The connector on the pcb is a PMB connector, compatible with Fakra which is the newer standard for car radios. We can supply an adapter cable PMB plug to Motorola type chassis connector, this way you have an flexible (small) coax inside your carputer 'case' and you can mount your 'normal' antenna connector on a convenient place.

    Q: So whats the deal with the software and integration, also whats the price...
    Edit: Oh yeah, will the driver be open sourced? I need to be able to control the unit in Linux, so I was planning on writing a character device driver for it.
    Edit Again: About the smaller coax connector. I actually like the idea. I will be mounting a coax connector on the back of my unit for hook-up. So having a smaller internal connector will help reduce some of the bulk.
    A: The HQCT is controlled trough USB, it is configured as a USB HID device, the tuner package will contain the unit, the necessary connectors with about 50 cm (20") of cable, a working control program (exe) and the source code of this program (Delphi 5) + the complete set of control strings and their meaning. This way you can hook it up and try it right away, after that you can get your own control program. We hope we will get ideas, tips tricks and programmes as a return via this forum for example. The control program we have so far does the basics.

    Q: Is this finished now that board with v3 on it looks done, or is that a bought in module and now we need software?
    A: We are currently setting up the production of a first batch, we got the tuner modules, one of the two controller chips, the second sits somewhere in transport. So if all goes as planned we should be testing the units by the end of the month.

    Q: am/fm/dab support ?
    A: AM FM and Wheaterband, DAB and DRM are the next projects

    Q: rds / tmc ?
    A: RDS (and RBDS)

    Q: Another question: is this module going to have HD radio capabilities?
    A: not this one

    Q: I don't think my poor little 90watt OPUS can handle powering any more devices.
    Q: Unless your using the "muscle version" I assume the board will consume well under an amp (12W). Any official news on the power consumption?
    A: the unit eats about 180 mA, the muscle one obviously more, depending on the load. But the 12 V can be taken off the car battery, only the 'small' one needs a regulated 5 V DC supply

    I met with JC60 in Belgium the other week and from what he told me it would be another 2-4 weeks before it would become available.

    He showed me the different versions and they're all great units,
    the "power version" played really well, but for me the basic version is exactly what I want.

    Q: How do you plug a motorola male antenna plug into one of those?
    A: using an adapter cable

    Q: How exactly does the sound get transmitted to the pc to the amplifiers to the pc.
    A: The unit has a stereo Aux input and 2 mono aux inputs, it has two pairs of stereo outputs (Front and Rear), on top of that the 'muscle' one has 4 pairs of low impedance speaker outputs (Front Left and Right, Rear Left and Right) Via the controlling program you can switch any input (Aux 1, 2, 3 or tuner) to the outputs. It is possible to mix, to blend , to fade to amplify, to mute, to regulate treble and bass and so on ...

    Q: On my radio xtreme there is a line out plug that goes to my sound card....I see on these devices there are RCA plugs, USB, and speaker terminals, How would you go about connecting it to the sound card? RCA --> RCA->3/8" adapter?

    Yes. Or you can get the smallest one and avoid any bulky connectors.
    I believe there are two pairs of RCA connectors so that you wire the comonents as such:


    I think the radio normally just sends the carputer input to the amplifier. Once you instruct it to start playing, it switches the output to the radio.
    A: Yes and no, the carputer instructs the unit via USB, the outputs can be wired to a sound card or to an amplifier.

    Q: I have to say I can not what for this unit!! Do you know if any one has done work on a skin for road runner and this unit. If this unit gets AM, FM and Weather I will have to start a second computer for my boat.
    A: Get cracking on your boatputer.

    Q: Which device is everyone planning on getting? Device A / B / or C?
    I'm planning on C as it has the amplified RCA outputs.

    A: If you look closely to the photo's you will see that the 'muscle' is V3.0, i like the name 'muscle' so we can keep it, the small one with the disk drive power connector is V1.0, the middle one with RCA connectors but without amplifier is V2.0.

    Q: Does anyone know what the voltage of the Amplified RCA outputs are?
    A: the voltage swing is 24 Volts, AC coupled (so +12 to - 12), minimum impedance is 2 ohm, recommended 4 ohm.

    Q: A the scaled down one without rcas or amps is the one I'd be interested in. Seems as though it loops into the line in still.
    A: Correct, the optional header (not fitted on the photograph) carries al the other signals.

    Q: I wonder if it's possible to route the audio through the USB, like the Griffin RadioShark does.
    A: We are considering doing this sometime, it may require some extra chips ...
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    Sounds like things are on track.
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    sounds great, ill definatly be purchasing one asap in the UK, just to let you know one that could do DAB aswell would be the dogs bolox.

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    what language is the PC interface (application, not drivers) written in? And does anyone know what Radiator is in? I'd be willing to put in some time trying to make this work with RR IF it's in a language I know

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoMatrixJR
    what language is the PC interface (application, not drivers) written in? And does anyone know what Radiator is in? I'd be willing to put in some time trying to make this work with RR IF it's in a language I know
    wasnt it said on another read radioator doesnt support am?

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    guess I didn't know that...maybe I'll have to take a look at RR's source then...but I'm no good at VB6 syntax. .NET I can do.

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    Incredible work guys... Will wait patiently for the "muscle" version.
    Process meter!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoMatrixJR
    what language is the PC interface (application, not drivers) written in? And does anyone know what Radiator is in? I'd be willing to put in some time trying to make this work with RR IF it's in a language I know
    The current program is written in Delphi, AFAIK

    Should be fairly simple to build something more powerfull than radiator...

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    Anyway to interface to the delphi prog using vb?? thru some kinda of sdk?? I'd love to integrate this with an RR Plugin.

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