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    I was looking at power supply options and a though came to me, get a voltmeter to see if you system is pulling to much power. I don't know if any one else has though of this (I bet some one has). I found this one for cheap:

    Wireing is NOT included, so what would I need to wire this thing up?

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    the back most likely has to posts with nuts on them. You will need 2 ring terminals (round wire ends with a hole in them), and a length of wire. Crimp terminals to wire and connect to a ground and a V+ source.
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    There's the Schumacher BT-25 digital gauge. More accurate, but you won't see the needle dip when the bass hits like an analog gauge. It's made for surface mounting, but you could mount it behind some tinted plastic.
    Here in Canada they're $20 at Canadian Tire.
    Or search Ebay using digital panel voltmeter; there's some blue LED meters there for about $20.
    Any auto parts store will have some analog voltmeters, or go to an auto parts swap meet and you'll find some cheap used ones. You could get an ammeter gauge too to monitor current into the power supply or inverter.

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    sweet find, thanx. I fill pick one of these up instead, thankfully I havent ordered the other yet. Your comment on how the analog on would move when the bass hit, are they that sensitive?
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    Anyone know of a way to get the computer to read the car's voltage and display it on screen?

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