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Thread: Fuel shutoff

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    What if instead of fuel shut off, you made it the ignition? You could reroute the ignition away from the steering column, that way somebody unknowing couldn't hot wire it, and most thieves aren't going to bother to figure out the rats nest of wires that is going to be going on behind the dash. They are just going to steal the monitor.

    Just an idea. I know it wasn't the original intent, but it would still be cool.
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    No no, I never even really had decided to install it... it was a thought... the original thought came from when we planned a similar system on a classic car that had a carb... so it would have run off the float for a while... oh well, whatever.

    Pop, I have a starter kill allready, but thanks anyways. I don't find it a whole lot better to have it control the ignition... cause basically thats what the fuel pump shuttoff would be in the first place. Unless you ment have it not allow the ignition until I put the code in... true transporter style which by the way never ever was a thought until all you guys started bringing it up... but if I did that I would have to wait 10 seconds for my pc to boot before I could start the car.. that would suck... also if the computer failed then I would be screwed.

    Oh well... I'm going to spend my time finishing my backlight upgrade, reinstalling the computer again, and leather!!

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    I’ve got an idea. How about you have EMC (Handicap Car Company) install a full Steering, Brake, and gas control system. That way if someone tries to steal your car you can have the car find the nearest parking lot, lock the person in, and drive in circles until the cops showed up. That way the theft would be too dizzy to run away.

    Also some newer cars today use a Shift by wire system. Just tap in and make it that if someone does not enter the code the car will shift into neutral or 1st gear. I also liked the idea of the speed limiter. Make the thief drive down the highway at ½ mile an hour.

    I worked with the PV High School on the DARPA Grand Challenge and we used an EMC system. They are drive-by-wire interfaces that allow any sort of control to be installed depending on the handicap. All we had to do was tap into the system and we had full control of the car...except that dam key in ignition beeper. That drove us nuts. DAM BEEPER!

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