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Thread: Project NiteVision - NiteMax + HUD + carputer

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebolarama View Post
    I found this site from hackaday. Anyway, I work at a wholesale auto glass warehouse (manager) and I have had some experiences with HUD displays in vehicles. More importantly, the glass and what is in it. I didn't read the entire thread here, but I am assuming you folks want to reflect the projection on the windshield properly without it getting washed out or projecting light through the windshield so that other drivers see it.

    I know that there is an 8x8 laminate sandwiched in the windshield that has different reflective properties than the rest of the laminate in the windshield for cars with HUDís. It is transparent at one angle but reflective at another. I will call our manufacturer in china and see if they can give me a product name for this laminate.

    You could probably mount the laminate on the interior side with a good commercial adhesive and get quality results suitable for daily driving.

    That is if you folks are still working out this problem or the project isnít dead.

    Let me know

    And hello to all, Nice forums.
    Hi, I'd like to know. I think it's made by Dupont (though I can't recall the name at the moment). I believe it has a slight wedge shaped cross section that cancels the reflections.

    I was under the impression it was mfg'ed right into the glass though. Do you think some type of optical grade adhesive would work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shotgunefx View Post
    Hi, I'd like to know. I think it's made by Dupont (though I can't recall the name at the moment). I believe it has a slight wedge shaped cross section that cancels the reflections.

    I was under the impression it was mfg'ed right into the glass though. Do you think some type of optical grade adhesive would work?
    Yes and No. It is installed during the process but it isn't actually inside the glass. Two pieces of glass sandwich a laminate. Kind of like making smores I have a calendar that shows the process next to my desk. It's all done in a clean room at the factory. That being said if one were to just get the HUD laminate then you could mount it to the outside of the glass versus between the two sheets of glass that make up the windshield and achieve the same effect as a standard factory install.

    Anyway waiting on an email from the manufacturer about the actual name of the material and where to buy it from.

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    lol, i had to go back almost a year to remember what the baja was about lol.

    hehe, just saw my name and was like "huh?"

    oh, on that note,sharkbite, i'm doing another project with a projection based system. cree Q5 Xlamp LEDs...look into them, okay.
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    I don't want to hijack this thread but I have some stuff for sale if somebody is thinking on doing this.

    RexBruMet Skin for FrodoPlayer

    Nissan Aux-in MOD

    Quote Originally Posted by bgoodman
    We're an international forum, post in whatever langauge you like.

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    nice!! i cant wait to do it!

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    E-bay Caddy Camera

    I found another NV camera on e-bay, looks like it was dropped or in an accident, but for the right price, who knows! Also, I think they mean it was a 2000, since they didn't put NV into 99 Devilles.

    Here's the link, let the bidding wars begin!

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    Got some news about the windshield display properties today, specifically for the Cadillac but it might be useful for other cars.

    Had a chat with a guy who was part of the NV design/implementation team for GM about 7 years ago, right around the time they were installing the NV cameras hot and heavy.

    Basically, the factory stopped making "special" windshields for the Deville in 2001, and went a different route altogether. They actually tested batches of completed windshields from their suppliers at the factory. The ones with a higher reflectiveness were reserved for cars ordered with NV, and the ones with a low reflectiveness and leftover high reflectiveness went into the cars ordered without.

    The difference was about 1-1.5%, not much, and well within tolerance. Standard glass reflects about 3.0% per surface, the ones that were considered "high" were 4.5%+ per surface. It saved them ****loads of money, and did the job of displaying the HUD infor just as well.

    The reason I bring this up is for you guys playing with the nitemax and such, you may not need to get all involved with filters and tints, YOUR glass may do the trick all by itself. At least give it a shot first...

    Also, if you have a few grand burning a hole in your pocket, there are 2 auctions running right now for the Caddy NV setups.

    Just thought I'd share that tidbit of info.

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    I found a possible (and cheap) solution for the HUD!

    here it is...its also a GPS that can be hooked up through BT

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    some one can tell me if is possible with this:

    This gauges is for 240SX and my car is an almera SR.

    Is possible adapte HUD to my CarPC ? for make some like this:

    PS: I only like project velocity or if is possible all witch I have on tft.

    where I can buy an HUD with VGA IN or Composit video IN?

    kind regards, Filipe Abrantes

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    I doubt any of the original or more knowledgable posters are still monitoring this thread, but I decided to pursue this as a personal project and I've gotten thus far as far as equipment selection and process goes:

    carPC using dashcommand from palmer performance, also for other apps. to drive a...

    Xenarc 700 yv or 702tsv (not sure if 500 nits will be bright enough for day time) mounted on the dash. No lenses, no mirrors.
    My eeepc runs about 220 nits when plugged in and it could use more, specially in direct sunlight. However, I've only used it on plane glass.

    These two displays have been chosen not only for brightness, but also for their mirroring capabilities. From what I understand, it can mirror an image for reverse camera capabilities, but it will work for this application, as I could not find software to mirror the windows desktop. Linux will do it with one command. But OBDII isn't supported very well. Lame.

    As far as the windshield goes, my plan is to use two layers of film.

    The inside layer (next to the glass) will be a highly transmissive polarized film, oriented to disallow the polarized LCD to reach the windshield causing a double reflection. The next layer would consist of a reflective window film or aluminized Mylar.

    All I've done so far is research. I haven't bought anything at the moment.

    If anyone has input as to changing components I've listed for possible better functionality, I'd love to hear people's ideas. Thanks.


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