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Thread: Project NiteVision - NiteMax + HUD + carputer

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    we lurk, no lie

    that is really much less than the scope of what our project was. Best i can tell you is to take apart a small, RCA in LCD (like 2"-4") and make a widget for windows that displays what you want, be it from yahoo or vista. Make sure that the background is pure black. Put some wicked bright Cree LEDs behind that. At that distance, you don'nt need a fresnel lens. Add some cheap tint, and you're good to go.
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    well the idea is to display diagnostic data, and i want the area to be large enough to display multiple 'gauges,' or at least one large enough to see in my peripheral vision i.e. tach, speed, etc.

    also, i'm hoping to get the least visual interference (no tint if possible-reflective film) and no double reflection (reason for the polarized film) and for it to be visible during the daylight hours.

    but yes, it is considerably more scaled back from the original project. i'm worried less about input and very much more about quality output.

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    the revealing of this is kinda old news, but the new news is that they will be releasing this soon at a cheap price!

    ModisTech to commercialize cheap, flexible OLED lighting this year
    By Donald Melanson posted Feb 20th 2010 6:51AM

    It's far from the only one working on flexible OLED lighting, but it looks like ModisTech could be among the first to actually bring something to market, as its now announced that it will begin commercialization of its 150 x 150mm flexible OLED panels this year (seemingly ahead of its original 2011 schedule). Those will apparently be used for various indirect lighting applications including desk lamps and car lighting, and promise to provide a more natural light than LEDs while maintaining some of the same power savings. Still no word on any actual products using the OLED panels, unfortunately, but they will supposedly be inexpensive for companies to adopt (and very cheap to manufacture).

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    I was looking over this thread and I notice some of you talking about getting stereo info on the hud system. I started looking around and I thought of a couple of solutions:

    1. modding a remote control interface

    Some stereo brands have a remote control for marine applications, like:

    for alpine and

    for pioneer (sorry wouldn't let me get the image url)

    These both have a screen built into them that may be useful to add onto a hud, with a little modding of course.

    2. Modding a radio face

    If you don't mind the size you could mod the lcd screen of the faceplate for the radio you have and put that up there. It would be big, but not too big (unless you went with a double din screen, of course )

    Didn't see anything like these suggestions above in the thread, but if there was then I apologize in advance.

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    Working with a Thermal Camera and HUD

    Hey all,

    I've been perusing this thread with the goal of helping me to install my own HUD for my thermal camera. The HUD will be displaying the image from a FLIR PathfindIR thermal camera mounted in the front grill of my TDI Jetta. I do about 20-30 grand of night driving and have had one to many close encounters with deer.

    The HUD will have a frame to hold the LCD and a rigid semi-clear polarizer that will raised into viewing position by a electronically controlled linear actuator.

    What I currently have:

    1 Thermal Camera with mounting hardware and cable
    1 7 inch 12 volt LCD monitor with Image reverse and vertical flip.

    What is coming in the mail.

    1 Firgelli Technologies PQ12 linear actuator with position sensitive controls (to allow for fine positioning of screen.
    1 rigid polarizer.
    1 frame and bracket assembly to hold the screen, polarizer and actuator
    1 set of switches to activate screen and camera.

    I will keep you all posted, and post pictures.

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