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Thread: suspension travel sensor?

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    try going to a volvo truck dearer near you and ask for part number 20912853 $90 and 3939067. common, just go with a multimeter and try it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flipster125 View Post
    Anyone know of any (perferably cheap) ways of reading suspension travel? something like a variable resistor that changes resistance the more you compress the shock? Looking at making a data-loggerfor my truck

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    pls send me suspension travel sensor product details

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    I think we're narrowing our search too much in trying to figure the suspension travel...

    Why not mount an accelerometer to the swing arm and another one on the body. Find the difference between them, and you'd get the acceleration of just the arm. Figure in the time, and you'd get speed and eventually distance... plus, it would all be sealed, you could encase it in epoxy if you wanted to...

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