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Thread: Help decide what to do...

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    Help decide what to do...

    Hi Guys and Gals, here's my new toy...Images attached... The console on this thing is huge... I want opinions or suggestions on what to do... I already have most of the PC parts and software. Thanks.

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    First, brainstorm on what you expect or want your carputer to do. Some go for just music while others take it to far higher levels. Really think about what you use while driving and what would just be nice to have.

    Also, since the car is new, get VERY familiar with the interior layout and where the hidden areas might be. Peek under the carpet and behind panels to build a gameplan on where to put the equipment and how to run cables. Also check with the dealership on obtaining the service manual (not the owners manual) for the vehicle, this will tell you how to get the interior apart as needed.

    Do you have some dimensions for us on that dash area?
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    first setup your basic system
    which hardware do you own? are they used to be in a carpc before?

    Once you have the carpc there are several handy things that you can do;

    mp3 video dvd etc: eventually a dvd-rom but you can also store them in your hdd (you may need a huge hdd)
    phone thing: bluetooth and a microphone
    gps: gps mouse
    tv: tv tuner or a tv card
    fm (maybe am): tv card can take care of it
    xm: xm module
    wifi: wifi stuff usb pci or pcimcia
    Once you have the basic installation you can extend your installation anytime.

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    I don't have the dimensions yet but will measure it and let you guys know tomorrow. I'm calling the dealer on Monday about the service manual. Dealers here don't open on Sundays. The PC I have a available has a fresh install of Fedora Core 4. 733 Mhz PIII, 250GB SATA drive, 256MB video and 512MB Ram. thank you and Keep those suggestions coming.

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