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Thread: Lexus climate control screen help

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    Is this correct for the pinouts? Thanks for the help last night btw:
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    I hooked it up using the daigram I just posted and it freezes the screen whenever I hook the serial port to the laptop. Any ideas?

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    I have a few ideas, though I havn't looked at the circuits that closely. Right now I'm working on decoding the CD Changer in the RX300. In general, an LED screen of this type usually works in the following way. Each individual LED has a trigger wire. Send a +5V signal to the wire and the LED turns on. You can use this to your advantage. It basically turns the led data into binary code. You can use shift registers to convert the signal to serial, or you can leave it parallel and use an LPT port. Next comes the decoding part, you have to send +5V to each pin on the LED screen to determine which pin lights up which LED. If you don't know what I'm taking about, you may want to take a class on logic design or something like that b4 taking on this project. Also, a useful tool I use for reading serial binary streams is a LED. just hook the + end up to the serial wire and the negative to the ground for that circuit (frame, or car battery, etc). This will allow you to see the exact combinations of ones and zeros being sent. I hope this helps. On being 1 and off or low being 0.
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