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Thread: Computer to control Air Bag solenoids?

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    First of all people need to read the post before they start making comments.

    As far as controlling air solenoids...I have a working system sitting in front of me, but my vehicle is in storage for winter, so I can't install it until then.

    I'm using a Phidgets 0/16/16 (and bosch style relays) controlled by a flash app in Road Runner. I'm still working on the skin, but the flash app and phidgets controller are really easy to use. The only saftey precaution I have is an external switch that is powering the relays. So if something funny should happen (I haven't noticed anything yet) I can just flip the power switch and things will stay put right where they are.

    PM Me if you need help or anymore info

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    So is there any update on this air ride control issue. I am looking into it myself and want to know is there an easier way of doing this for a computer to control my air ride suspension.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andromedaIVC View Post
    I have a solution for virtually controlling your air ride suspension which features these functions:

    - Provide logic to move airbags individually or in any combination.

    - Airbag movement logic shall utilize feedback from ultrasonic or
    pressure sensors to move to the correct height and or pressure settings of the air bag (this is dependent on how efficiently you want to control your suspension). Intermediate positions between min and max should be achievable to a resolution of at least 1/10th the total range of travel, based on the distance from the chassis to the ground surface or pressure in the bag.

    - Display the pressure(s) or height(s) in real-time in each airbag and pressure holding tank(s).

    - Provide pre-set functions that will automatically adjust the height of the vehicle to low, high, or ride.
    - Enable users to create their own batch of commands that will automatically control the vehicle's height based on sequencing (show purposes only).

    This is a snippet of what the control application is capable of doing. It has also been incorporated as Digital Mod for StreetDeck as well.

    S.T.I.C. Developer

    This floated past my window un-noticed - I think this should be in its own thread

    I wanted to do something like this to make my adjustable racing coilovers adjustable from the PC whilst driving.
    Each on has a little thumbs screw on the top of it with 24 click adjustment. I thought of sticking some stepper motors on out of some busted printers I have. And controlling it all with either LPT or a USB Stepper Controller. Never got round to it though

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    Don't do it...just don't!

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    Thats was constructive

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