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Thread: Poor man's guide to remove power supply noise from audio

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    The transformers don't filter out the noise. They isolate the grounds.
    If it was a case of filtering, a simple high pass RC filter would do the trick.
    Old Systems retired due to new car
    New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.

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    Don't know how I forgot it worked by isolating the grounds by the time I got to the end of the thread - thanks for correcting me. A lil OT Rob Withey but how did you get the neat little pop up table for your car specs?


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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    I just grounded my motherboard to the chasis of the car...and it was gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by spuzzdawg View Post
    I might be making a big assumption but I would have thought that the interference noise had a relationship to the RPM of the engine, in which case the telephony bandwidth is almost perfect - I guess it could go a little higher

    Transformer limited bandwidth means bass end treble will be substracted from your music, this by no means is expected

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    Thanks, will try this

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    Cool Hmmm, cheaper way available

    well, i had the same problem with my car pc. i just added a ferrite ring on the RC cable. gave about 3 -4 round around the ring. and the ferrite ring is for about 0.5 usd i think.

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    very impressive that you can build your own.

    but a good working GLI is 15 bucks at circuit city made by Tsunami in the car audio section, and it's more durable so I don't have to worry when I shoved it behind my dash.

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    How about this for a poor mans solution to interence??

    I bougth a USB creative soundblaster Live, works great etc. But if my phone is near it, with the sound high, it can get alot of interference. So I started experimenting.
    I chucked it into a large anti-static bag and hey presto, approx 50% of mobile phone interference gone!

    Plastic is not the best thing to wrap things up in and besides, 50% is still quite annoying!

    So I wrapped it up in foil.....normal everyday kitchen aluminium foil. Worked a treat, by my reckoning, approx 95% of inteference gone!!

    I am willing to bet if I put two layers and grounded the foil, I could possibly get 99% if not possibly 100%??

    If it works for mobile phone inteference, could possibly work for other types of inteference??

    Since this is a cheap simple way of cutting inteference, maybe someone could put it to use and let us know??

    Also, why stop at the sound card? Why not enclose the PSU and/or computer in this manner??

    The only problem I can see, with it being aluminium, it conducts electricty, so you have to be VERY careful not to short anything out!

    Also could be a tricky issue with vents etc??

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    it's work
    thinx Gip

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