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Thread: Poor man's guide to remove power supply noise from audio

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiG K View Post
    The only problem I can see, with it being aluminium, it conducts electricty, so you have to be VERY careful not to short anything out!

    Also could be a tricky issue with vents etc??
    Here's a tip for ya for a grounding plane ...

    If you can get hold of a laminator just grab some foil and laminate the foil ... make sure you have about 5-10mm clearance all round so that the laminate seals itself ...

    Warning the laminate MUST be put into the laminator with the closed/joined end first (as it's supposed to be, normally) otherwise you might find the whole lot wrapped round the laminator heater ... otherwise it's a case of dismantling the unit ...

    The foil is then protected from shorting out anything ... peel back a bit of the laminate (possibly the corner) and shove a piece of wire in between the laminate and foil ... secure in place (super glue or bolt it down ... or whatever) then connect that wire to the earth connection in question ... it works a treat so long as you follow the warning above ...

    As for the vents ... use a scalpel to cut out the holes/slits needed ...


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    nice post but where is the schematics ?

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