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Thread: hoime audio project

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    hoime audio project

    I dont exactly know where to paste this thread, but this place seems logical. I'm making a stereo for my area at work. What i'm doing thus far is using an old LPX power supply to power an older Alpine TDM-7544 tape deck. On top of that, i've been pulling my hair out trying to run a dvd player into the m-bus plug in the back of the deck, using it's audio pins...but this does not seem to work. I've done tons of reading from this site and have come to the conclusions 1. that there a re a ton of brilliant individuals circulating through here and 2. evidently this problem has surfaced many times for people before...i've read and noted the m-bus to rca adapter theory and found that the radio kind of just throws that idea question is, has anyone found a way to insert an rca connection through the m-bus yet? or does anyone know offhand how it can be done?

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    guess not...69 views and no reply

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    I must say that your searching skills are severely lacking.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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