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Thread: Computer Controlled Guages

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    for the nissan owners....

    works well. You can choose the gauges to display, as well as log data.

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    you guys are talking about custom making your micro controllers...Why arent you using data aquisition boards? either pci or usb 2.0? Data transfer rates are great. Texas instruments has some, Measurement computing has some. I do automation for a living so the hardware end of it is not my stopper. I'm not a coder...i create HMI's from products that GE, Rockwell, Intouch make. While i could use one of those packages to do it, boot times arent as quick as i'd like.

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    Very nice,Mercedes obviously saw some sense in doing away with the analogue look guages for their S-Class,when you put the ir fogs 9on the guages vanish to be replaced with headup-ish night vision,sick = [media][/media] [media][/media]

    The new mondeo's half and half arrangment is also very cool = [media][/media]

    @Turby...Lets see some video's man,i want that mod.
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    I'm looking to running a car PC in my classic mini. With the objective to have a central touchscreen running some of my existing gauges, initially Speed and Fuel, and also be my MP3 player.

    I'm a coder and been playing around with Visual Basic, that side of thing's i'm fine with.
    built a nice VB app - looks like this:

    But, It's the interfacing and electronics where i'm going to struggle.

    I bought a USB interface kit to play around with which takes some on/off and variable inputs, also has some outputs too, not sure if i'll use it, but it does interface easily with VB.

    So then rushed into buying this, to convert the mechanical speedo cable into a digital signal.

    But, I can't for the life of me work out how to get a signal from it. I'd blindly hoped to just get 12v pulse every cable rotation, but doesn't seem to be happening. I don't know if anyone has any ideas to how i might find out what it's churning out. I have emailed the company i bought it off, see if they have any spec for it, just waiting on them at the moment.



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