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Thread: To those who have implemented tuning on the PC

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    Hey there wirelessdreamer, are you really sure you want to encode your audio, If you are setting up a Music only system There is not a lot of need to have 5.1 audio..

    I suppose if you had video and watched all of your movies in your car, Surround processing would be okay.

    Just that I do not see the benefit of it, although everyone has different likes..
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    There are a few sound cards out there that have real time encoding built in, called Dolby Live.
    And if your soundcard doesn't "support" Dolby Live, you can use the freeware application DolbyOutDS to add realtime DD encoding to any soundcard with digital out.

    But per Felix post for a musical system i'd avoid such compression. And if you;re running a DVD playback then realtime decoding then encoding isn't necessary unless you want the PC to controll volume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felix509 View Post
    Hey there wirelessdreamer, are you really sure you want to encode your audio, If you are setting up a Music only system There is not a lot of need to have 5.1 audio..
    I'd have to agree. There may be some other options depending on the reason "why" you want 5.1.

    Options include but not limited to:
    Ambiophonics (2 channel - 6 channel)
    Vector Based Amplitude Panning (VBAP)

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    hey guys, I just wanted to pop in and say that the company who produced Frequency Allocator is running a $50 off special on the full program (that's 30%) I just picked it up for 89.99. use coupon code "allocator"!

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    hrmm - seems to be a normal XMas time discount for Jan.

    Thanks for posting it!
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    opps, forgot to tag this thread

    Sorry about the long absence, i forgot to tag this post and just saw the replies. I was looking at 5.1 mainly as an easy way to get 6 outputs at correct levels to send into amps / or have coming out of my amps. fr fl center rr rl subs. I assumed that running straight from speaker outs in the computer to the amp would induce noise to the audio signal, so by having no analog signal go from the computer to the amps that should eliminate most of the noise.

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    Are there any other programs like console but are freeware?

    EDIT: Nevermind i found a program called VSTHost.

    Ive also updated one of the links for free EQ alternatives as it was broken (i was able to locate its new location).

    I currently have a 3 way active setup up front.. rear speakers (more for ambiance/depth/etc).. and sub stage.

    Crossover work is done by 2 audio control units, a 6xs and a 3xs. It would be nice to cut down on hardware.

    I found a neat 31 band eq that can do 6-12-24db of adjustment as well as EQ settings for high pass, low pass, and full range fine tune adjustment.

    However, ASIO is supported, so it appears that I can use various VSTs to achieve various effects.

    Currently, i use a dual mono eq plugin for winamp. The plugin is great.. however it only allows you to cut. a new eq that allows boosting would be nice. I think that having a fully functional eq will let me tweak my system a tad bit more, until im ready to mess with time alignment and all that. (By then ill probably run a mac mini and a firewire card.. M-audio 410 looks nice for the price)

    im going to have to test to see how well it works with my audigy and car pc.. but im pretty satisfied with the quality of the output on my home pc. The only issue im having now is that winamp is outputting to a virtual audio cable (via the program) then from there VSThost picks it up and does my processing, and then outputs to channels on the sound card. Now to get ALL windows sounds to run through the VSThost, i have the virtual audio cable as my main sound device. Unfortunately, it takes over my control over the main volume buttons on my keyboard (which may affect my volume control using my griffin powermate). the volume buttons on my keyboard only controls the main line volume on the VAC, which does nothing for volume control. Do any of you know how to assign what device is controlled via keyboard buttons, but still keep all sounds run through the VAC?
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