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Thread: Setting up your carpc using the M-Audio 1010LT

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    It's all very powerful VST plugins. They do not come with the soundcard. You must hunt for what you need. MP3CAR lost the nice wiki article we compiled over the years when they changed wiki systems. So for now I have been recompiling the list. The adjustment resolution will far surpass any black box that exists except for matched to pro audio processors costing thousands.

    Voxengo Time Delay - resolution 0.01ms increments
    ElectriQ - 64 band parametric, you can use multiple instances on each pair of channels. Can also serve as the filtering but I like other options for filtering.

    Having used many analog setups and the highly popular H701, I would never go back. Line drivers...not needed. Most of the better soundcards have plenty of signal that interface with an amps input sensitivity adjustment.
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    Do you think.say 6 or after tonight we.could have a chat I' t get some consulting on my build
    I have the computer built its a mid size mini with full features very powweffull machine based.on asuses new amd f1 socket board withtheir top.of the line f1chop. I just have some power conceaens I'm gonna have external power pereiferals because of.the high draw CPU I'm running. under clocking it a bit if it has a problem gonna run the 300

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