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Thread: Thuneau Frequency Allocator on Via / Geode / other underclocked systems?

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    Thuneau Frequency Allocator on Via / Geode / other underclocked systems?

    Has anybody been able to run Allocator Full on a typical low power system such as
    - Via Eden at 800 to 1300 MHz
    - Via C7 at 1000 to 1500 MHz?
    - Geode LX 800 at 500 MHz (this sounds more like it will run Allocator Lite, if at all)
    - Athlon 64 underclocked to 1000 MHz?



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    I asked a similar question over in thuneau forums on an EPIA M10000. The answer from them was not going to be fast enough. Their minimum recomendations was a Pentium 4 or equivalent AMD.

    Lite should work ok though I believe. If you already have the hardware, you could try out the demos.

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    I was able to run console with FA pro, voxengo delay, and xvolver on a geode 1750, however don't expect to do anything else... period. moving the mouse causes studders and skips

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