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Thread: Correcting Audio in Car

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    Correcting Audio in Car

    Alright I've been trying to get my head around audio correction for some time. I'm about to buy some new speakers for the car but do not have the time nor expertise to run active, mainly because a 3-way active setup is quite spendy. So I will be purchasing a 3-way passive component set which leads me to my next question.

    If I get a mic, say the behringer ecm8000 with a phantom power supply. How do I specifically adjust EQ and whats the simplest method to do so.

    I read up on RTA and I'm willing to spend some money for the software since it could be used in the future if I ever go active. I just want something where I place the mic, get the program to measure response and give me a list of corrections and use software to perform the corrections.

    I use centrafuse currently as a front end and do not want to change that so I would like a program that can work with Centrafuse, or just get the sound from centrafuse. I keep hearing about stuff for winamp but unfortunately I don't use Road Runner so thats no use to me.

    My sound card is currently the xifi music (i needed a half height card for install) and I use a 1.8 ghz turion with 1 gb ram.

    Please advise me on what to do, like what programs to use, what products to buy. I've been researching for days and have hit a wall.

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    Not sure if the xfi card will jive with ASIO and routing but you can always try.

    As far as auto-correction look at the "Digital Room Correction" links. You will learn alot more by trying to learn to tune yourself though. The room correction is hit or miss in my book, but some might like.

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    Windows Vista room correction

    What Windows version do you use?
    Windows Vista has built in room correction.
    Audio Processing in Vista Explained:

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