My current Setup:
Intel D201GLY2
1gig Ram
120gig PATA HD
lilliput 7"
M2-ATX-HV 160W

Im going to use CentraFuse Frontend.

I just need help with some Audio Stuff...Like sound card.

My Audio Setup is
Speakers :
Front -MB Quart QSD 5.25 components
Rear - MB Quart QSC 5.25 components
Subs - (2) JL8W3-4 in a sealed enclosure
Amps -
Front/Rear- Kenwood 4x75
Sub- Kenwood 1X500

I need somthing I can Send a GOOD quility signal to both amps. I like the idea of it being 4.1 and having control over the sub amp volume, along with fade and such. But I'v also been looking at the HIPPOhi-fi with usb outs. Now with teh HIPPOhi-fi its only got 1 pair of rca, so i'd have to go to the 4channel amp, then out them to the sub amp, but then i loss control over the sub amp volume.

Im looking to spend Under $200 for a sound car solution, and While I have very high end speakers, and very good amps, I'd like to keep my audio system up to par, and not settle for a crappy sounding setup.