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Thread: Another good USB DAC ???

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    Another good USB DAC ???

    Have a look here.

    The Pro.DAC might be small, but it plays with the big boys. This tiny four-ounce DAC puts out a big, dynamic and detailed sound.

    The Pro.DAC uses the CS8416 for the receiver chip and the highly resolving 24-192kHz CS4398 for Digital-to-Analog duties. Dual LT1364C Op-Amps are used for analog output.

    In addition to the USB input, the Pro.DAC also has Optical and RCA Coaxial digital inputs. Analog output is via standard RCA plugs.

    Inputs - Toslink Optical, RCA Coaxial and USB.
    DAC Chip - Cirrus Logic CS4398

    Receiver Chip - Cirrus Logic CS8416

    Only $160 AU and they are just up the road from me.

    30-Day Trial Period so I might pop in and see what they are like.

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    Nice find, but I am very happy with my Bloat.
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