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Thread: Tips for best use of toslink (SPDIF) out on S/C

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    Quote Originally Posted by boomintrac View Post
    I love my DSP-6 but the cost scares some people
    Behringer DCX2496 does the same thing, but costs 1/3 as much. You just need a DC-AC inverter.


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    What about audison Bit one processor? I will buy it for my sistem...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchjs View Post
    pc, did u try girder commands

    will the sw run with out haveing hardware connected?

    Yeah, tried girder to death ( i consider myself a girder guru )... no go..

    The sw will run in demo mode without hw, if you want i can email it to ya..

    if you could get it to work I would be eternally grateful to ya ( would even paypal some beer money your way )

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    PCpete, please do

    when i was in the car audio biz (owned my own store) i was a ZAPCO dealer
    just loved the stuff... but this looks amazing...

    ill PM u my email, but its easy...

    mitchjs + @my web site domain

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    Quote Originally Posted by volum3rider View Post
    The Alpine PXA-H701's are discontinued? That sucks. I have one and its awesome. I have a Creative sound card -> digital out -> Alpine processor -> Amps. Works great. Only downside is that you need a seperate controller or Alpine compatible headunit to control the processor.
    I'm planning the same route for my setup & would greatly appreciate some advice.

    Here's my planned setup - Audigy 2NX Optical out-->Audison Bit-1-->Amps-->3 Way Active front.

    I understand that with Optical output, the Windows Volume control won't work & needs to be controlled by the processor. Is his true? Also will you be able to adjust the Master Volume control for GPS voices etc?

    With Optical Out, does that audio source by-passed or is it still processsed by Windows mixer?

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