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Thread: usb dac solution < $150 USD

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    usb dac solution < $150 USD

    briefly, my current car audio setup consists of the following:

    JL Audio 500/5
    Rainbow SLC 230.25 (sound line, 2 way components) in front
    Rainbow SL 130 (sound line, 2 way coax) in back
    Eclipse Titanium 12" (sub) in a custom ported box

    i'm aware there's a fair amount of room for improvement, but it suits my needs perfectly- and sounds pretty damn good. i am in the construction phase of my carputer build, and i am looking for as good of quality usb dac i can get for <$150US. i have researched on various forums and seem to come to one of two options: *edit* Pro.DAC - MKII, or *edit* KingRex UD-01. as you can tell by my setup, im not going for iasca sq or anything. however, i do have a reasonably well trained ear, and i love listening to music. having my computer headphone jack plugged into the aux in on my alpine cda-7995 makes my ears hurt.

    *edit* so i found a reason NOT to go with the silverstone: it got it's power from the USB. the quality vs. anything with it's own power supply is rediculous. both options can be found here " "

    thanks in advance-


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    Bump I would like to know the same thing

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    btw- im using a dc-dc regulator, no inverter crap (that are exceptionally noisy, well most of them anyway.)

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    Ok, few months old but...

    Thanks for the link John! Interesting point about the DAC's power supply. Gives me an idea for an experiment... cut the 5v from the USB going to the DAC and supplement it with 5v from a 120v power adapter and see how the noise floor compares.

    What did you end up with?


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