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Thread: Match for Audison BitOne

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    Match for Audison BitOne

    Hello guys!

    What do you think would be the best match for an AUDISON BITONE.

    I need an analog signal (RCA) to setup the unit, and it also has optical (toslink) input.

    What do you guys suggest?

    Would a good USB DAC work?

    Thx a lot!
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    Not saying its the answer but if you decide to go the analogue route, I'm running the Hippohifi Bloat (USB) which is sooooo easy to use and sounds good to me. Note: its 2 channels.

    I would have liked to have gone with toslink but I run my DSP on a Zapco DC series amp which does not take optical inputs (shame, I wish the Bitone was out earlier).

    You're running HAT, I just ordered a set of Legatia L6 mids, cant wait to install them!!!

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    Did you get any solution? I have BitoOne too...
    I would like "change" my onboard optical out to something better...
    What I need:
    -on USB optical out
    -For microphone I will use onboard mic input...
    -Hibernate&sleep S3 must work without problems(normal boot time, without crashing)

    DAC? USB Sound card? Which brand&model?

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