hi all

im sorry in advance if its not the right section
this topic involves many topics and i tought it would be the best place to get answers from

now for the issue
im having problems using asio with kx and hibernation

im using kx 3545b with audigy 2 zs ( sb0350 )
on win xp pro sp3

routing :
winamp ( hqprocsoft + ks ) -> kx recording to asio -> console/audiomulch -> src 2/3 , 4/5 , 6/7 -> kxlt ( profx ) output to amps

the problem im having is when i return from hibernate with audiomulch/console
i need to restart the asio audio output ( power on console / enable audio on audiomulch )

after that everything works ok
i figured out that the vst shells are trying to access asio before its initialized

i found some "solutions" and ill describe what i tried

option 1 :
using hibernate trigger to close audiomulch before hibernating
and open it after
*tried using both autoit3 and just a regular command line

good :
it works ok and i get sound

not good :
for some reason hibernate trigger opens up multiple audiomulch's ( varies between 2-10 ) - couldn't trace what im doing worng
because of the multiple intances of audiomulch i get sound about 10 seconds after returning from hibernating and also audiomulch windows on top of my frontend ( rr )

option 2:
installing kx 3548
just a couple of days ago a new version of kx drivers were released which supposed to fix this problem

good :
i get sound after hibernation

not good :
sound is wierd and distorted - doing the enable audio thing again works

i reported this bug on kx forum , hopes it will be fixed soon

option 3:
click on enable audio without clicking it

for now im using this command in a button in rr ( using kanakey ) :
ACTIVATE;audiomulch||RUN;c:\Kanakey.exe|ALT C RETURN

good :
it works

not good :
need to manually press the button

ok now for the questions :
1.hibernate trigger
anyone with a solution for this?
i tried searching here and google on this issue and couldn't find nothing

2.anyone knows a way to "activate"/"getfocus" outside rr that i can write a command line for hibernate trigger just to press the enable audio button?

3.can anyone think on a different way to fix this issue?

4.anyone else using kx and asio and not having this problem?

important to say that i don't want to give up on hibernating cuz i don't want to wait a minute for my system to cold boot..

thanks alot in advance ,