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Thread: Sound card for 3 way front stage + sub

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    Quote Originally Posted by durwood View Post
    Describe the buzz, is it like the sound glitched and and it froze (like a stuttering sound looping a small sample) or is it some type of other noise?

    Some frontends such as ride runner have the ability to pause the music and exit and restart programs on exit and resume. You can also make Autoit scripts to handle specific problems.
    The buzz is a constant crackling sound, right around the 2-4k area. Kind of like a plastic bag constantly crackling. It has only happened two times when I have started my vehicle. Since I have a macro mapped to my remote that opens certain audiomulch profiles, I just hit the button, closing the current session of audiomulch and opening the same profile as in startup and it goes away. Not a big deal though.

    Here's another minor thing I've just uncovered: I have just started adding more audio files to the hard drive. I have winamp remembering the song last played before shutdown and the play time of the song so that it autostarts from that position when I startup again. When I have a song that has a tag of 44100hz sample rate playing it is OK and everything plays like it should. But when the last song played has a tag of 48000hz sample rate, I get a message from audiomulch like this:

    "the following error was encountered
    while activating an audio device:
    invalid sample rate (PortAudio error -9997)"

    audiomulch does not play the music at this point until I change the sample rate in audiomulch to 48000hz..... to match the sample rate of the file that was last being played.

    I've played with the sample rate in audiomulch and it adjusts the sample rate of the delta 1010lt automatically now..... I just have to make the changes through audiomulch and the sound card takes notice and adjusts.

    So, do all of my files need to be the same sample rate in order for audiomulch to play them right off the bat?

    When It's a 44100 song that was last played there is no problem, only when it's a 48000hz sample rate song. If a 44100hz song has been played first and then a 48000hz song is selected next there is no problem.... it plays just fine.

    The message is only displayed when the song played before the last shutdown has a sample rate of 48000hz.

    Any ideas? Or do I have to play only songs with 44100hz sample rate?

    Best regards,

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