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Thread: Subwoofer Ohm wiring

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    Really? i thought the mono amps dont split the watts in half when you run 2 or 3 subs? im not 100% on that but thats what i was told by a friend. Im just not going to trust him before i go and spend over 1g on this set up just to find its not what i wanted. I wanted to ask around to make sure you know.

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    P=V^2/R or P=I^2 * R or P=VI

    Since an amp is a voltage source, not a current source, we would use the first equation. Since you have (presumably) two 4ohm subs wired in parallel to give a total of a 2ohm load, the power is split (500W) between them. in other words
    1000=V^2/R1 + V^2/R2
    V being your audio signal from the amp, and R1 and R2 being 4 ohms. Since the left side of the equation can't change (the output rating of the amp - that's our limiter), the power has to be split evenly between the two. You can see how power is inversely proportional to resistance, so if you had a 4ohm load, the amp could only put out 500W, and if you had a 1ohm load, you'd be forcing it to put out 2000W, which would not be good

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    also nice to know maybe

    there is a rule with music power transmit power with radios etc
    if you want to get it louder you must do the power times 10

    like this u got 1Watt but to get it 1 time as loud
    you need 10watt - 100watt 1000watt etc etc
    so 800rms and 1000rms the difference is very little
    there is one but do not expect to much

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    double check the differences between answers

    ok if you want 2-dvc 4ohm subs at two ohms on the amp...then series the voice coils then parallel them subs from the box or you will drop the amp amp to 1 ohm if you parallel both the voice coils and subs to the bridged/mono amp...just trying to make sure you dont fry the a/b circuitry in a 2ch bridged amp or even a 2ohm stable mono amp... if you want 1 ohm then get a mosfet class d mono that is capable... and for a 2 ohm 2 ch is the set up i explained and if its not a mosfet amp then dont bridge or the amp WILL NOT hold the draw from the subs and for a mosfet class d mono then you shouldnt have any problem if you series voice coils within the box then you can choose a 1ohm or 2 ohm load just by either series the terminals on the box for a 2 ohm or parallel them for a 1 ohm... been doing this for 9 yrs and ive seen alot of common mistakes made by a full parallel on a non mosfet or class d and when the amp surges right before it dies then kiss at least one sub goodbye... just be very attentive to how you wire them up for your sake and your wallets...oh and for the cap if you run 1000w just to be sure you dont get that "bath tub" effect lol... just refer to this and it will help without doing the big three..


    thats basic specs so run a bigger cap with a 16v continuous and 20v surge and you wont get that effect so i would run a 3farad myself

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