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Thread: Two-channel DACs?

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    Thanks, I am very happy now with the P-DSP. This thing works clean and reliable, the SPDIF output of the PC works clean and reliable, and I just love the analog potentiometer to set the volume.

    I have a small computer enclosure and in terms of internal sound cards, just the Asus Xonar half height card barely fit with a riser. I sounded great but I had droupouts about what, every minute or two and listening to music torture because I just waited for the next dropout.

    It's true, I never tried Audiomulch. By the time you add up the price for all the software tools, you get some serious hardware. Thuneau's corssover and time alignment software is probably nice but the gent told me to do my own skin for 800x480 (which is his job IMO not mine) and there is no left and right separate time alignment too.

    I did try DPC latency checker many times. It showed all green but I still had clicks with the Audio 2 DJ about a year or two ago, with ASIO4All that is.

    Now if you need an external multi channel sound card. Good luck. If you need high quality it will be as expensive as a car audio processor. I've messed with this stuff for years.

    Console is dead, hasn't been updated for years btw.
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