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Thread: Pc dsp

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    Pc dsp

    Is there any other options to use the pc to have similar options to an audison bit dsp?

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    Absolutely there is. It requires the right soundcard. I don't recommend anything but the m-audio 1010LT or similar M-audio cards that have built in routing because they work with minimal headaches and are reasonably priced. There are other ways, but most get frustrated. Years ago mp3car had a nice wiki put together and I had compiled a nice assortment of programs from various users and sources. That has been lost. I started to recreate the info here:

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    I would recommend m-audio, too. It's studio equipment.

    There are also KX(?)-Drivers for Creative Cards for Windows.

    If you are running Linux, you can use any soundcard to get LPF/HPF/Delay and other filters.


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