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Thread: audio over USB v. optical

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    WOW!!!! Thanks alot Hippohifi!!!!! I just downloaded and started using it. What a great find.


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    I could have sworn I sent you a link to this thread a while back in a PM:

    Software options for Tuning

    All of the software side of this is covered in that thread, and then some.

    There are a few issues with foobar and asio4all, they are discussed in that thread as well.
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    Although the foobar method is a very nice free option for the crossver end of it, it only does music/ will not work for videos/DVD's, and it is not as universal. Pluss more front ends support winamp (including Road Runner). There is no frontend based on Foobar even though it was asked several times, no one showed any interest.

    So did you get a chance to try it with the Allocator and Console Demo's?

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    durwood, I completely understand considering I use Road Runner in my carPC.

    I am sure I can get it to work for Winamp considering foobar is fine. Let me take a look at a few plugins and have a play.

    Similarly with Allocator, report back soon...

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    Had a quick play, currently stuck on routing input channel on console. Attempted to use Virtual Audio Cable but the UI is terrible and makes no sense to me, ideas?

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    Good News Again

    Good News Again, working perfectly with the following setup. Even better separation in frequencies with Frequency Allocator.

    PC with 32bit Vista
    2 HIPPOhifi Bloats
    Sennheiser HD650's

    ASIO4ALL 2.7
    Winamp ASIO Plugin
    Virtual Audio Cable 2
    Frequency Allocator

    This setup took a little longer to put together, the major issue as you can see from my previous post was routing the output of Winamp into the input of Frequency Allocator. Console was an option but it seemed a little complex, instead I used Virtual Audio Cable 2. Virtual Audio Cable 2 required no setup, excellent tool. Have to admit the verbal trial warnings in Frequency Analyzer started to annoy me.

    More than happy to put together a pdf or alike with installation instructions on my website if people purchase the bloat for this specific task.

    Any q's?

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    Excellent news. I had never used Virtual audio cable, but it was recommended for setups/soundcards that didn't have routing but into the drivers. This is great news. A step forward, I think the issue we see is having to use 4 USB ports for a 4-way setup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by durwood View Post
    I think the issue we see is having to use 4 USB ports for a 4-way setup.
    True, I never envisioned 4 Bloats being used on the one PC but it would certainly look good once installed.

    There isn't really a way around this either considering each bloat uses near maximum power supplied over USB. This enables the DACs/amps to perform at peak. Can always add a powered USB hub or similar product.

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    FANTASTIC! This project definitely has a Bright future!!

    So Mr Hippo,(smiling as I type that) USB bandwidth?? The PCM2707 is USB1.1, will running multiple DAC units give problems(pauses in music stream, etc.) Would the Source computer need seperate USB controller cards for each unit??

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    If this works out, maybe you could offer a discount for folks buying multiple Bloats at one time. Or maybe even a group purchase price.

    Also, and I may just not be thinking here, what is the purpose of using ASIO in this particular application? Is it needed or does it just increase the sound quality?

    EDIT: Ah, I believe it is a neccesary part to get this whole thing working.
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