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Thread: HP tx2500z power supply

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    HP tx2500z power supply

    Does any one know the best way to power the hp tx2500z?
    Do they make a specific inverter for its power input, or could I just use my 120w power inverter? is the sine wave safe for a computer?

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    Try to use straight DC power if you can

    Power inverters, unless very pricey, tend to introduce unwanted noise and alternator whine into the audio system that is very hard, if not impossible, to isolate. I hard wired a DC/DC adapter into my car's wiring by cutting the lighter plug off and using those leads. I used a Kensington 120W unit that was easy to modify. I also tapped into the leads to the computer and checked the voltage and found a 5V lead that is perfect for powering my USB hub (not as easy).


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