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Thread: Can anyone help me with a time-delay circuit?

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    Can anyone help me with a time-delay circuit?

    Hi all, was wondering if anyone can help me with a time-delay circuit, at least I think that is what I need.
    I want to be able to power my Asus eeepc from a cig lighter adapter, from the ignition key (which is what I have already done at the moment)
    but I want to be able to momentarily cut the power for about 10-15-secs when I turn the ignition off, so that after 10-15secs the power is restored to the eeepc. Any ideas welcome.


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    Instead of telling you, what I just read another place...

    This one is even adjustable, so you can adjust it up to 75 seconds.

    Or do it simple.. buy a finished product.
    From 1 to 110 seconds

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