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Thread: hardwiring Labtop DC-DC converter directly to battery. ie bypass any switching relay

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    Nah - the Arduino is a full uPC...

    PICAXE is all internal (including clock for up to 32MHz speed) which allows software protection (can't be read or sensed - no external address nor data pins).
    2 resistors to enable serial programming.
    The M2 series is the one to get - at least for the 8 pin (ie, PICAXE 08M2, the PICAXE 08 chip variants are generally designated PIC12Fxxx) - earlier had (IMO) too small a program space.

    See sites like - eg, What-Is-PICAXE? & GettingStarted- PICAXE-Manuals.

    (Bluddy PC freezes! Gotta love firefox's & this site's auto-save & recovery!!)

    I'll eventually go SMD (in production, that's cheaper anyhow). EG:
    The AXE230 module:
    Name:  AXE23-PICAXE08ModulePCB-SMD-s50.jpg
Views: 313
Size:  10.0 KB

    Or the RKP08c from via eBay...
    Name:  RKP08c.jpg
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Size:  48.8 KB

    Though their RKP08c kit descriptions are somewhat ambiguous (whether the 2 versions are populated with the 08, and if the 08M2) and the rkeducation site is currently down (probably due to Americanisation).

    Incidentally, I got 2 Arduino Duemilanoves a year (or 2, 3?) back instead of learning PICs and Fusion Brains etc (though I wanted stand-alone application). [Damn... Reboot #2... me thinks it's time for some PC maintenance...]
    But the new 08M2 makes an attractive "single-core" (& PCB) for ANY typical application we find ourselves in - whether auto-up & -down dimming of puddle lights & LEDs, combinational switching (if lights but not engine unless temp exceeds xyz and mother isn't home...), even extra long timers (external time bases (crystals) can be used).

    But I'll bail now before my PC does...
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    Ok, I've tightened the timing belt for my DRAM and rewound its elastic. Maybe I shouldn't have delete that desktop.ini under temp internet files the other day?

    I've fixed the images above, but other PS stuff was lost.

    But that's good - instead of writing how I was gonna get the 08M2 equivalent of a 2003 DS30487B for thePIC16F87/77 series (18-pin DIP etc), I found a close match for the 08M2, namely the DS41441B.
    I liked (recently) reading the old 2003 doco because it had it all - chip variations, electrical characteristics, timing and waveforms, inter-dependencies, memory maps, module descriptions (PWM, timer/counters, ADC etc), commands & flags, etc.

    Though ~212 pages (the newer DS41441B is 382pp), it's a good "selective" read. Question something, find its page and then follow whatever links seem relevant or of interest - a bit (or byte) at a time until interest wanes.

    Did I say what a non-expert I am on the PICs, or did that get lost?

    Speaking of lost, I've just lost my cursor keys. I can't wait for my new i5 or whatever it will be (it was supposed to be a "C2D exceeding 2GHz" when I intended to upgrade a few years back, but at least now I can skip XP all together (and Vista? - never touch a 3rd release from MS!)).

    Off to watch the TV whilst the rubber band settles in and RAMps up...

    Ah I miss the old static RAMs!

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    Damn! how old is that machine!

    I am actually going to take a look at the RKP08c, for like a few dollars It gives you a nice board to program the chip in.

    Does the picaxe utilize any watchdog like techniques? whats its power draw like?

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    From doc DS41441B:

    Low-Power Features:
    • Standby Current (PIC12LF1840): - 20 nA @ 1.8V, typical
    • Operating Current (PIC12LF1840): - 34uA @ 1 MHz, 1.8V, typical
    • Low-Power Watchdog Timer Current (PIC12LF1840): - 300 nA @ 1.8V, typical

    As to my PC, it solved my y2k date issue when I got it circa 2002.
    I figured I'd keep it till UNIX's "y2k bug" (2032??), but unlike commercial software and platforms, *NIX has already fixed that. (So no need to upgrade my Window 2000 PC eh?)

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