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Thread: Laptop Remote/External Power Switch Mod - NEED HELP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tidder View Post
    Sounds like you're not checking for continuity. Sounds like you're checking for some type of reading. My multimeter doesn't close a switched circuit when checking... I don't think. Now I'm going to have to go try it.
    Yeah there doesn't seem to be a.setting for.continuity testing. It's a very simple meter. I guess I'll get my hands on one to use

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    Ok, i was going about the testing improperly but it's done now, i found the two contacts that are in continuity when the button is pressed.

    Now to get a soldering iron with tips small enough to get the job done. So do I tin the wires w/ the solder, and then heat the contacts and put the tinned wires in contact w/ the iron contcats of the button circuit? What wattage soldering iron would be best for this job?

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