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Thread: ICE³ - Mac Front End

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    what language?

    hey guys/gals,

    last night i started a new project, i saw that youtube video of jon's rx-8 so i found all the cars specs on wiki. my truck has air bag suspension and i want to control them from my iPhone/ICE³

    I have ordered an Aruduino BT board and will be starting on the iPhone app shortly this week, jon is using a web server and accessing the car via wifi on the touch where he has a java or flash app to interface. I also would like to start writing the code for ICE³ so hopefully once its done it can be incorped into the software for any use lock/unlock doors, start/stop car, windows up/down etc

    whats the language you used to code ICE³? im new to apple coding however fluent in C++, Java, & VB

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    Awesome and thanks.

    ICE³ is written in Cocoa (Objective C). You should find it fairly easy since you know C++.

    Can't wait to see where this leads.

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    52 there any way to enable the Apple Remote yet because I must have that working and so far been using Front Row in my car with it and I'm just totally used to it. ICE3 would be wonderful with the Apple Remote functionality at least to skip through tracks, and Play/Pause since I have my touchscreen mounted high in my car. Please let me know or if there is something wrong that I am doing. I'm running version 2.1 from your website.

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    Hey SrBatty!

    Can we get a hand on the source ?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE lol :P

    Im deep in Cocoa right now, I would love to help!
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