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Thread: ICEł - Mac Front End

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    Thanks heaps everyone. Comments like those make this whole project so much more worthwhile.
    I will try to answer as many questions as possible.

    now just to add gps/google maps/war driving/multiple display support
    GPS with google maps - will be released in version 3.
    War Driving/multi display - not likely.

    Wow. that came out of left field... makes my efforts look like a puddle of puke
    Why did you wait till now to show your work and have/will you released it?
    LOL. Since we are complete Mac newbies, I thought it would be better if we figure everything out ourselves rather than fill this forum with stupid questions.
    We will not be releasing THIS version officially.

    Do you plan on distributing it to others?
    Eventually, probably version 2.

    WOW!! Beautiful! Is this a leopard only fe? or is it compatible with tiger. and if only for leopard, do u thinking upgrading to leopard on a max spec g4 would be sufficient?
    Thanks. Not sure about Tiger. The coverflow is a 'hack'. Fairly sure it only works with Leopard.
    g4....Whats that?? Lol, sorry, I only know intel Macs. Coverflow is our biggest problem at the mo. Very resource hungry!

    wow just wow.

    Download link please. I mean like right now. Looks awesome! Very well done.
    Lol. I'm starting to see a pattern here. I have just finished setting up a server at home (Mac Mini, Leopard Server), if I get enough requests I WILL make ICEł available for download (FREE to you guys of course).

    Thanks again.

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    ok then, +1 on the request then!!!!!

    if i have to upgrade to leopard, so be it!

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    count me in on the request

    looks great cant wait to see more
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    Yeah, very nice. Looking forward to trying it out. Any chance of OBD II integration?
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    please let me have it!!! great job..

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    looks very nice. I would def like to get a link for download. good work for sure.
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    i like the transitions the best. that's what really adds a level of sophistication this front end.

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    i still cant get over how amazing this looks. been watching the youtube video on a daily basis eagerly hoping for it to be available soon! =) thanks for all ur hard work. hey 1 question, does it currently have any radio support? for some hardware like radioshark or something similar

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    Hi Guys,
    Nice to see such great enthusiasm!
    I'm still overwhelmed by the response from you guys.

    I will sort out the download link shortly, but first I will let you guys know what our plans are.

    Now - Release ICEł version 1 to the MacCar community to play with. (Download link to follow).

    Soon - Release ICEł version 2. Will include a new coverflow, bass/treble control and a rewrite of the code to try and streamline everything.

    Later - Release ICEł version 3. Will include GPS/Google maps, OBDII, Apple remote and Wiimote support, key bindings, and hopefully radio.

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    sounds amazing.
    Just curious; you mentioned that the cover flow part was a hack of OSX. What did you mean by that? I am just curious if it is something that is likely correctable by apple.

    Again great job!
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