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Thread: Latest Release

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    ICEł v2.1

    Hi everyone,
    ICEł v2.1 is ready for download.

    The biggest change in v2.1 is that we are now using quicklook to retrieve album art from iTunes. No more placing artwork in the album directory!!

    Changes since v2.0:
    Added mpg, mpeg, mkv movie file support.
    Added iTunes music library support.
    Added quicklook code to retrieve the album art from the mp3 file for coverflow, visualizers, HUD and "now playing".
    Added a 15sec delay timer for the "now playing" album to show in coverflow (like iTunes).
    Added a "Now Playing" visualizer with a seek bar.
    Added a seek bar to the movie player.
    Fixed the "no movie library selected" bug (as reported by BugByte).
    Fixed the "no music library selected" bug.
    Fixed the "no playlist library selected" bug.
    Fixed the screen resolution window re-size bug.
    General bug fixes.
    Added a volume to the "Sounds" pref page that will adjust the volume of the button press.
    Added writing of the currently playing track to the preferences plist so that on a reboot, the "Playback RESUME on wake" will work.
    Added the automatic "cover seek" when selecting next or previous track in coverflow.
    Added the automatic "cover seek" when the end of the song has been reached.
    Implemented the new "seek screen" image.
    Improved the theme loading routine to replace any missing images with the default theme image.
    Made the top and bottom visualizer bars stay visible when the "Now Playing" visualizer is displayed.
    Set the "Use iTunes Music Library" preference default to YES.
    Improved the automatic "cover seek" to find the correct album if there are more than one artist e.g. compilation or original soundtrack.
    Fixed a bug with coverflow not retrieving a quicklook preview from a file with an extension "Mp3" or "mP3" .
    Fixed a bug with the favourites visualizer not going home.
    Fixed a bug with the favourites visualizer not playing the next or previous favourites track.
    Trimmed down the track/movie total time & current time text (don't think anyone is ever going to see "1:99:59:59").
    Made the tables transparent.
    Fixed a bug with coverflow not retrieving a quicklook preview from a file with an extension "m4a" or "m4p".
    Fixed a bug with the preferences media path not updating the coverflow albums when changing from using the iTunes library.
    Set the "Volume on wake" preference default to 50%.
    Fixed a bug with the search feature not using the quicklook framework.
    Included a new "now playing" quartz composition.
    Fixed a bug with the favourites player visualizer shuffle button.
    Fixed the bug with coverflow reloading the album art images when changing music libraries.
    Removed the version number (2.0) from the existing quartz composition's.

    Note: This build concludes development of the "Media" side of ICEł, which means we can finally start work on the good stuff (Keyboard, Wii Remote, Apple Remote, OBDII etc...).


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    You guys are freakin awesome!!!!!!!!! I cant believe you got so much done!!!

    It looks like ICE3 really is the premiere mac front end!

    Thanks for all your hard work. It really is appreciated.

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    Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!

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    Nice work. I really appreciate the Now Playing screen (especially the nice big font and big album art) and that you use the iTunes library. Thanks.
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    GREAT job, guys! Well done. I've just tried out the new version and its working very well.

    For OBDII, check out the OBDII GPS tracker app that chunkyks just released. It should integrate nicely!
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    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    Yeeeaaaahhh! Installing Leopard on the mini right now! Can't wait to try v2.1...v2.0 worked great on the imac....

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    Just wanted to pitch in and say thanks for all your hard work on this frontend. I wouldn't know where to start on something like this so I'm grateful you guys built it for us. Many thanks.

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    Hi everyone,
    Just letting you know that v2.1.2 is now available for download.

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