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Thread: Bugs!

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    Other than possibly GPS and ODBII support...why does the mac community deserve something different than any other PC front end? What works for PCs can easily work for Macs when we arent talking the coding behind the scenes, but what we see and use.

    And, yes, the OpenMobile website was written with hardcore marketing lingo; im all for it, but the guy wasnt very clear wtf he wanted in this topic about ICE3.

    Another topic specifically for OpenMobile OSX would benefit everyone.
    (All done)
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    Thank you jcatt and pulsarsimon for the great input. sdashiki I really have no idea what you think sounds like marketing hype but feel free to shoot me a PM with specifics and I would be happy to tweak the wording.

    As suggested I created a new thread here:

    didn't mean to threadjack...hopefully the mods can move these posts over there for me.

    Well in my opinion an osx front end should have the same features but I wasn't sure how important things like coverflow (which I find useless for everything but a tiny media collection) or itunes integration were (just off the top of my head).

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    I'd like a front end that would work similarly to Front Row, only using the touch screen.
    Make it use my iTunes library and properly render the character substitutions.
    Have all the music controls on the Music page so I don't have to tap twice to find them.
    Make the music controls mimic the functionality of an iPod or iTunes button presses. ICE3 needlessly deviates from iPod/iTunes (and for that matter, most other players) conventions.
    Have it properly parse the iTunes library for Music, Movies and TV shows. The last update broke ICE3, which must have hard-coded the Movies path.
    For album art, have it use either or both a JPG in the folder or in the MP3 metadata.
    For longer term I would like to embed Garmin Mobile PC in the front end.
    I would like to have an OBD II setup that allows me to select parameters to display and to calculate things like instantaneous and average fuel MPG.

    What I don't want is the complexity of other front ends like Road Runner or Centrafuse. Make the screens immediately obvious how to navigate and control functions. I loved the UI simplicity and straightforward design of Neon Boombox, but the dev quit on it before all the bugs were killed and I couldn't keep using it.
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