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Thread: Transfering Itunes Library With Art Work

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    Transfering Itunes Library With Art Work

    I have been stuck here for a few days and was wondering if anyone has had the same problem.
    To start, I have a perfect organized library of music on a windows based computer. I would like to transfer exactly how it shows in my itunes from my windows computer to display in ICE3. I have tried pulling the files from the folders they were saved on onto an external hard drive then transfering them to my Mac Mini. When I do this I only had about half the art work and names of artists and songs I changed did not transfer (it went back to the way there originally named before I changed them in my itunes library on my windows computer)
    I then tried highlighting and dragging them directly from itunes onto the external and then put them on my mac. Same problem.
    I have also tried transfering a friends library through his mac book pro to my mac mini by holding the "Q" key during start up while they were linked through USB. I had the SAME problem, art work that was on the mac book pro would not transfer to the mini.
    Problem number 2)
    Now I am having problems pulling up ANY art work while in ICE3, even when it shows the art work in itunes on my mac mini, I cant have it pull from ICE3. I have the "itunes library" check off under advanced and it still doesnt work.
    Please any help would be great I am going crazy.
    Thank you

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    Your issue is with iTunes, not ICE3. I think you are missing some of the iTunes XML files when copying over. Here's one way to do it:

    There's a $30 program called Tune-up that will make it painless.
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